About Me


Linda Hays

I am a graduate of Nash Academy of Animal Arts. Nash Academy is internationally known for teaching the best pet care professionals in the pet grooming industry. My determination to receive a quality education is what brought me to Nash. My strong desire to learn from the best motivatated me to make the drive from Rockport, Indiana to Lexington, Kentucky for 20 weeks. I have the skills and desire to have my career in one of the most important professions in the world; as a care-giver to Man's Best Friend, who has enriched our lives for millennia, and as are care-giver to cats, who a few thousand years later moved into our lives to feast on pests. No wonder they became glorified in our lives!

About the Company


Mobile pet grooming offers pet grooming services at our Spa, your residence, or your place of employment. We offer personal one on one professional care, with the convenience of curbside service and no car trips or cage dryers.

Each pet will be given a warm bath utilizing the correct shampoo and conditioner for your pet's coat and skin condition, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, nails trimmed and filed, coat stylized if needed, cologne, and a bow or bandanna. All of this pampering can done in a personalized stress free environment without ever seeing a cage or leaving your property.

My service areas includes Perry, Spencer, and Warrick Counties in Indiana and Daviess County Kentucky.