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All services are price based on coat condition and dogs behavior. We will charge an additional fee for heavy or severe matting, fleas, ticks, aggressive behavior and other grooming concerns due to change in time required to service/handle these issues. We require every pet to be current on their vaccines and for all puppies and kittens to have started their vaccine series.

PLEASE BE AWARE that pets with severe matting are in a health crisis - matting promotes heat exhaustion, sores, bacteria and pain. Pets that have severe matting WILL be shaved for their health. Shaved pets are prone to sunburn and should have sun screen applied daily and be kept out of the sun until the hair grows sufficiently to protect the skin. Once matts are removed pets may have sores and scabs. Also hematomas can form. This liability falls on the pet parents and we advise you to seek medical attention if any of the above issues appear.

If fleas are found on your pet, it is our policy to automatically give a flea bath and there is an additional cost of $25. There is more involved for a flea treatment as well as additional clean up to make sure there are no fleas in the mobile grooming unit. If mobile unit has to be shut down for remainder of day there is a $100 shut down fee.

Pets that are extremely aggressive will not be groomed. We encourage any owners with extremely aggressive pets to seek grooming through a veterinarian's office. This pet personality may need anesthesia for their safety and that of the groomer. If you are aware that your pet may have a temperament issue and fail to notify us you can and will be liable for all medical fees and out of work compensation if groomer is injured.

Cats should only be groomed in a Mobile Spa. Salons can be noisy at times, with barking dogs causing stress to your beloved cat. We try to keep them calm at all times. Sometimes for our safety we may put baby booties on their paws to prevent scratching. Blades and scissors are used around and on pets to achieve their grooming. Although we strive for safety, pets are a moving, dancing, licking, affectionate, and hyper client. We hope that you know we would never intentionally harm your pet.

Should you discover something wrong with your pet in regards to their groom please let us know immediately so that we may help with the situation. Linda is the owner of Big Paw Little Paw Spa 'The Paw Spa' and can be reached at 812-549-5674. Our mobile spa will always strive to park in the street; if this is not possible we will park in your driveway. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to the grass, plants and other shrubbery. Mobile clients who forget their appointment, don't provide gate access, or change the appointment (scheduled 2 dogs/cats and decide at last minute to only groom 1) will be charged $30 per pet.

We assess a fee of $30 for checks returned NSF, canceled or closed accounts. We assess a fee of $50 for clients who question or deny credit card charges. Please call us before any of this happens. We ask your permission to take pictures of your pet, before and/or after grooming, for my website, advertising and education. If you should be dissatisfied with our services please give us the opportunity to make you happy. We will strive to exceed your expectations.

I have read and understand my rights and obligations as written in this Policy and Procedure Form agreement for the services of pet grooming through Big Paw Little Paw Spa 'The Paw Spa', a full service mobile grooming.